Nice points for Santa’s list   $12.00
While Santa is recovering from his long journey around the world delivering presents, one of the jobs he trusts the Fellowship of Elves with is maintaining his "Nice or Naughty List". Our Elf Fellows take this job very seriously, but it is an enormous task and we need your help! This record book of monthly behavior charts will help you track your child's progress towards Santa's nice list. Each chart provides simple daily challenges for your child to earn nice points. There is also a unique and special challenge activity each month for your child to earn extra nice points. As you track your child's progress by adding check marks, smiley faces, or stars to the charts you will be providing immediate positive feedback. Seeing the charts fill-up will inspire and teach your child that he or she is always capable of being respectful, responsibility, and kind. Click image to the right to order.
Nice Points
Last updated: December 17th, 2018